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About Us

  We are a highly motivated foundation in Louisville, KY that intends to improve survival from cardiac arrest in our community.  The foundation will offer hands-only CPR education at no cost to the recipient.  We are going to educate people about cardiac arrest and what to do in a cardiac emergency.

Recent Observations


Finished with the Summer and on to the Fall CPR teaching season

Last week we finished up our very successful summer hands only CPR season.  We were blessed this summer to have 3 fabulous interns.  They taught over 40 classes and 700 citizens in Louisville, KY hands only CPR.  Our focus for teaching in the summer is in community centers, churches and area businesses.  We also did […]

What is the Problem?


Cardiac Arrest Statistics

Roughly 720 people will have a cardiac arrest in Jefferson Co, KY this year.  Estimated survival rate is 6-14% or approximately 45-104 people will survive. Nationally, there are 424,000 cardiac arrests yearly with an average survival rate of 8%.  However, survival varies from 0.3% in Detroit to 50% in Seattle. Only 25% of cardiac arrest […]

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Are you interested in Volunteering? Ready to schedule a training session? Would you like to learn more about the work we are doing in Louisville? Let's get started...  just send us your question here!